Skiing injury prevention - Discover what’s important when preparing for Alpine Sports

Gavin Jennings, Consultant Shoulder Surgeon, gives advice on how to prepare and what to avoid when skiing and snowboarding in the mountains. The Matterhorn or 'Monte Cervinia' from the Italian side"I have recently returned from a... continue reading

A revolutionary technique for instantly diagnosing joint problems

Gavin Jennings, Shoulder Surgeon. Two weeks ago, for the first time in Europe, we performed a shoulder arthroscopy in an outpatient clinic. This procedure has become possible due to new technology which allows an arthroscope (joint... continue reading

Sports Surgery- Tiny Tech to Make a Big Difference?

Is this the future of diagnosis of joint problems?
There was a great deal of excitement at this year’s British Elbow and Shoulder Society meeting over a new diagnostic device which is becoming popular... continue reading

Understanding Frozen Shoulder; Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Options

Frozen shoulder is a very common cause of pain in the shoulder, but is poorly understood. In this post I will explain all about it and also hopefully dispel some of the myths! What is frozen... continue reading