Shoulder Specialists was formed by renowned Shoulder Surgeon Mr. Gavin Jennings to provide people with shoulder problems the best chance of the best outcome.

The shoulder is a complex joint. Not surprisingly, then, treating problems in the shoulder can be challenging. Mr. Jennings believes that the best outcomes for patients with shoulder problems can only truly be achieved by utilising the specialist skills of highly trained practitioners from a variety of spheres within medicine. This is why he works closely with a number of highly experienced physiotherapists, osteopaths, sports medicine specialists, anaesthetists, and radiologists.

Many conditions are treated without the need for surgery and therefore the other members of the team have an equally as important role as the surgeon.

Shoulder Specialists provides access to a team which is in an ideal position to ensure that your shoulder problem is solved in the the very best way.

By using Shoulder Specialists you'll have access to:


Outcomes of surgery

There is an increasing emphasis placed on scoring systems to ascertain the impact of surgery in terms of the improvements enjoyed by the involved patient. A Patient Reported Outcome Measure is such a system whereby patients themselves report their improvements unaided and without the influence of the clinician. One such validated, consistent and widely used score is the Oxford Shoulder Score.

The Oxford shoulder score consists of 12 questions about pain and activities of daily living. There are five possible responses to each question. Each response results in a score of 0 to 4 (with 4 being the best, i.e. least symptomatic or best function).

We have been collecting Oxford Shoulder Scores preoperatively and 6 months postoperatively for many years now. Our preliminary results on a sample of patients with complete data sets reveals an average increase in the Shoulder score of 13 points following surgery. As more data is analysed and new data sets become complete, the average scores will be updated on this page

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