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I received prompt and excellent treatment. My condition was clearly explained

Mrs H, 04/02/2019

I've been more than happy with the treatment I have received from Mr. Jennings. I've always felt he treated me like a special patient and not like a number. His manner is very very professional and I've had good fortune to be looked after by him

Maxine Davis, 04/03/2019

Fantastic and very professional. Excellent advice and good explanation of procedures throughout. After-care and concerns for my well being were also excellent.

Richard Starkey, 07/01/2019

The service I received throughout was exceptional. Appointments were made swiftly and ran to time. I received a good level of support. Mr. Jennings was very professional and kept me informed and provided guidance throughout.

John Crudginton, 11/03/2019

Mr. Jennings proved to be courteous, knowledgeable and provided me with an excellent diagnosis/ treatment during my visits

, 12/11/2018

Absolutely delighted with the outcome of my shoulder surgery. £ months post being knocked off my bike and post surgery I have almost all my movement back. Great confidence in Mr. Jennings and his skills- he is professional, personable and accessible. I could not have asked for more. He is just what you need to put you back together! Thank you!

Ross Singleton, 12/11/2018

I sought a second opinion from Gavin after not very successful surgery elsewhere. I'm self employed and was unable to work and in a lot of pain- he was very honest, thorough and a gifted surgeon. He treated me as a person and not as a cluster of symptoms! Very refreshing! I'm now pin free and working and earning! His secretary is incredibly efficient and it was clear he is highly respected by his team in theatre. I'm so grateful for his help.

Jane Aucott, 14/01/2019

Mr. Jennings was very kind and understanding. Explained in detail his diagnosis and treatment required. Realised I was a but worried and he put me at ease. Follow up appointment felt totally reassured and I know I can contact if any problems. All in all a pleasant experience, even if I did have to have an injection!!

Sarah Davey, 15/04/2019

Very happy with service received. Significant improvement in my shoulder through treatment advised by Mr. Jennings

, 18/01/2019

Excellent, friendly, informative etc!

Louise Weatherston, 22/03/2019

I have been delighted with the care and attention shown to me throughout my dealings with Gavin. I'm delighted to say the procedure Gavin advised and administered has been 100% effective

Martin Duffy, 26/04/2019

I have been very pleased with the service and support provided to me by the team. I would most definitely return if any further problems arose, but I hope not!

Spencer Hurst, 29/03/2019

Very good care and attention given. Thanks to Gavin Jennings

George Boyce, 29/03/2019

Mr. Jennings is a consummate professional; attentive and reassuring. My treatment was for a dislocated shoulder and broken humerus after a fall. I now have a very good range of movement and no pain. Mr. Jennings' secretary was in touch with me on a regular basis and all the support staff were excellent. Post fall, an excellent outcome!

Maria Ironside, 29/03/2019

Very pleased with treatment and on-going physio being given. A great improvement in my right shoulder in a short time period. Thankyou.

Jonathan Coates, 29/04/2019

Gavin is amazing, so kind and caring; likewise his secretary Sue. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend both! V.happy!

Louise cook, 29/04/2019

Gavin was personable and professional in explaining my condition and proposed treatment. The procedure was carried out in similar fashion. Improvement was almost immediate and significant and with prescribed physio, continues to improve. Thank you!

Alan Blandford, 29/3/2019

Excellent. Professional service. Great surgeon. Very approachable

David Lord, 3/12/2018

First class experience from start to finish. Appointments, consultations, procedure and advice were all so very helpful in allowing me to make a full and successful recovery from my shoulder problem. Secretary Sue was also very helpful and professional. Thank you very much. I can now return to normality !

P.D., 30/11/2018

I'm delighted with Mr. Jennings. He identified my problem, resolved it and now I'm pain free! Thank you so much

Daniel Jones, 31/12/2018

I can't recommend enough. The service is friendly, informative and the result self evident 10/10

Paul Morris, 9/11/2018

I would recommend Mr. Jennings to anyone requiring shoulder surgery. He is friendly, professional and very understanding. I only had a minor procedure but it has been very successful and alleviated years of pain and discomfort. Thankyou so much Mr. Jennings and everyone at Circle Bath. Fantastic outcome

Amanda Wring,

My consultation with Gavin Jennings was an exercise in first class communication. My background is in professional investigation and I ask a lot of direct and challenging questions. Gavin answered every question fully and informatively. He has enabled me to plan ahead optimistically with the confidence of knowing the process and procedure ahead. A first class service.

Richard James,

I had a very bad cross-country fall from a young horse in competition. This resulted in a dislocated right shoulder. After a ten week period of rest and recovery the shoulder began to regularly dislocate, sometimes up to seven times a week. My competitive career was constantly disrupted and put on hold. I was recommended by the British Equestrian Federation to see Mr. Gavin Jennings as he particularly worked with a high number of sportsmen with similar injuries. This resulted in him operating on my right shoulder. Now four years on normality continues having had successes in my career (and also surviving intact during falls!) and hopefully lots more to look forward to. Big thank you to Mr. Jennings!

Millie Dumas,

Thank you! Just over 17 weeks ago you operated on my right shoulder. [After the operation] I never experienced any pain or even discomfort, just a bit of stiffness and a distant ache now again. It goes without saying that it looks like your diagnosis and treatment was spot on because my shoulder is working well and responding well to regular golf, long swims and pretty heavy gym work which includes weights.

H. Morris,

This is just to say thank you for all you have done for me this year. I can't express how grateful I am, for the way you have returned me the ability to work and enjoy my life. Prior to the operation, life felt as if it was closing in on me, now it has returned to normal.


I can honestly say that my shoulder operation has indeed been life changing. I can't thank Gavin Jennings and his team enough for all their dedication and professionalism. It was a personal service throughout and nothing was too much trouble for them. It was such a pleasure going to see Mr. Jennings and it's always a bonus when you can have a chat about rugby! I couldn't recommend him highly enough.

Geinor Eustace, Channel Islands,

6 months on from my right shoulder op and I've got full use & strength back. Just started doing overarm crawl in my daily weekday swims. Many thanks, your efforts much appreciated.

Anthony Reeves,

I had a sudden breakthrough towards the end of February. Aromatherapy massages by a friend & garden as a form of physiotherapy: an excellent morale booster. I keep remembering the pain before the operation, the improvement is almost 100%. Thank you again.

Liz Fuller,

Once again I want to express my most sincere thanks to you for your care and skill over the last fifteen months which has restored the use of my arm following the severe injury caused by that devastating accident in 2009. Your cheerful encouragement over the long months of rehabilitation, and the management of pain relief kept my spirits up and boosted my determination to regain as much as possible of my former active life. I have embarked on acquiring basic computer skills, and have resumed some of my Cathedral commitments including guiding. If you would ever like to have an individual guided tour I would be most happy to do this.

M. Osburn,

When I first came to you, my hope for my shoulder was that you would improve it, so I could go back to doing many of the things I enjoy, but hadn't been able to do for some time. In my wildest dreams I couldn't have imagined the result would be what it now is. I am able to do everything I want, with no pain and no worries, and I no longer think about it at all. I am sure that is what you expected, but to me it is nothing short of a miracle, for which I can't thank you enough.


I cannot thank you enough for fixing my shoulder, it is 100% ok. Please give my regards to your staff for the excellent service they gave at the Clinic.

Benny Docherty,

Thanks to Mr. Jennings for seeing me so quickly when I was in so much pain, also for his kindness and consideration for me when he was treating my shoulder

P. Coles,

Please convey my thanks to Mr. Jennings for his understanding and care. I cannot fault my experience at Circle Bath, and am pleased to say the pain in my shoulder has eased considerably. The physios are very pleased with my range of movement- only one more appointment to go!

M. Stuckey,

When I injured my shoulder in late August, it was very apparent that I required some medical attention, because of the lack of movement and pain in that shoulder. I saw Mr. Jennings in early October. He examined me and was able to diagnose that the rotator cuff was my problem and that surgery was the remedy. A week later Mr. Jennings operated on my shoulder 8 am. Twelve hours later at 8 pm he came to see me at my hospital bed to explain the procedure of the surgery that he had performed. Three weeks later he examined my shoulder and encouraged me to start some exercises. After a few weeks of exercises my shoulder was back to normal,


I am pleased to say that the extra-corporeal shock wave therapy appears to have done the trick- fantastic news for me but it does now mean I have no concrete excuse not to get out and train!!

S. Stenning,

Am on my first fishing trip up in Scotland and you will be pleased to know that my shoulder is working brilliantly

Val Parsons,

Thank you for looking after Matthew and for making his life so much better.


I was very nervous about the prospect of the [shoulder replacement] operation due to my age. Mr. Jennings was very patient and considerate and explained the potential risks, and benefits of the operation to me very clearly. He was also very good at responding to the numerous queries I raised to enable me to feel as comfortable as possible intaking the decision to go ahead with the operation. All went well and I am very pleased with the result.

Patricia Shellard,

Thanks for your kindly and patient manner leading me to accept an injection into my shoulder joint. The following month I was able to introduce my wife to the pleasures of sea kayaking for several days around Milos.


Following on from Ollie's Bankart repair, I just thought I would update you on his progress. I'm proud to say that Ollie has settled back into Rugby and has been selected to play for the first team and is going from strength to strength. I can't thank you enough everything that you did to enable Ollie to regain his physical strength and fitness.


Thank you for your care and skill which has enabled me to enjoy a pain free existence again. Thank you for your reassurance of a back-up should this is ever prove necessary in the future.

J. May,

Many thanks for your kindness and professionalism.


I am writing to you to say how delighted I am with the final result of the operation on my shoulder. Leading up to the procedure, as you know, I was considerably hampered in my movement and frequently in pain. I am so pleased to say that the movement and strength in my shoulder is now 98% as good as the undamaged left arm and shoulder, and no pain.


The main purpose of this is to Express my sincere gratitude and thanks for the surgery which you carried out on 21st November. Thank you for all the years of training, hard work, experience and practice that you have put in to be able to offer me the treatment and for exercising that on my behalf in such successful and wonderful manner.


Gavin Jennings has been wonderful throughout consultations, surgery and aftercare. I came to see Gavin following recommendations from two separate friends who have seen him. Thankyou

Jack Stooks,

Delighted with my treatment. Mr. Jennings is a very professional consultant. Shoulder treatment excellent. Would highly recommend.

Joanna Crawford,

Referred to Mr. Jennings with a malunion of the clavicle. I found the team and Mr. Jennings very professional. Pragmatic and honest, I'd rate manner, advice and care as excellent. Recommended.

Damon Mckay,

From my first appointment, I cannot fault the treatment I received by all involved. I would not hesitate to return if further treatment were necessary. My thanks to everybody

Audrey Hallows,

I found the service to be very quick and efficient. Diagnosis was accurate and the treatment provided resolved my shoulder problem swiftly. Many thanks.


An excellent experience. Would certainly recommend Mr. Jennings

Joy Harrison,

Excellent service, knowledge and a huge help. Extremely grateful.

Tom Doughty,

I would like to pass on my thanks Sue for the efficient approach in arranging my appointment and for being very helpful. Please also pass on my appreciation to Mr.Jennings whom diagnosed my shoulder condition with great professionalism and a wealth of knowledge. All in all a great experience because of you both. I will certainly recommend Mr. Jennings


Back in 2014 I had occasion to undergo an operation on my left bicep and shoulder. The prompt care and attention I received from Mr. Jennings and all staff on that occasion persuaded me to return when I developed similar problems in my right arm. Once again I received the same professional care and treatment that ensured a good recovery in both cases

Mrs. L,

I am thoroughly impressed with the efficiency, friendliness and level of care that has been provided...I know if something happens again, I'll be straight back here.

Colin Adams,

Had an outstanding experience at Circle Bath. Mr. Jennings and his team couldn't be faulted. The post-op care was excellent

Janet Dinsdale,

Mr. Jennings explained procedure carefully. The day of surgery went very smoothly. Follow up visits were useful with relevant advice provided clearly. Patient approach was very good (calm, polite, punctual for appointments). No hesitation to recommend Mr. Jennings

Jeff Deeprose, 01/06/2018

I have felt very confident in the information given to me and the treatment I have received. All options have been clearly explained to me and I feel there has been a collaborative decision making process about current and future treatment. Would not hesitate to recommend.

Julie Garbutt, 02/02/2018

Courteous efficient and supportive treatment given quickly and sensitively. Would recommend

David Spicer, 02/09/2019

First-class extremely professional consultation and expert advice and treatment for a shoulder problem. Latter now fully resolved. Gavin is a pleasure to work with

John Burton, 03/08/2018

I saw Mr. Jenniinngs for s shoulder/ rotator cuff injury. After treatment and after a few days there was significant improvement which has continued to date. Very happy.

Thomas Firbank, 04/05/2018

Efficient diagnosis, effective treatment and good communication at each stage of my treatment

P.C., 06/11/2017

Excellent service throughout, from initial consultation, op and recovery. Dr. Jennings was a very pleasant gentleman. Can highly recommend and will. Had my interests at heart all the time. Thankyou.

Matthew Schmid, 08/01/2018

The treatment I have received from Mr. Jennings has been outstanding. I will be recommending him to anyone I come across that needs to see a specialist for shoulder pain. The treatment has been conservative in this instance which is a refreshing change in my experience from someone with a surgical background

Andy Forster, 08/12/2017

I was in so much pain pre-op. Everything form my initial appt. to pre-op check was excellent. Post-op things improved for me but I wasn't discharged until Mr. Jennings was certain I was ready. I feel so much better like life has begun for me again. Thank you so much. Very successful

Anna-Marie Ivory, 09/04/2018

Would highly recommend Gavin. Explained everything in a clear and precise way and the operation was stress free, largely due to his calm and professional approach.

D.J., 10/11/2017

With it being my first surgery, I'd expected a drawn out complicated process, but every aspect was not only exceptional, but very straight forward. All my follow up sessions with Dr. Jennings were informative and any queried I had were easily answered. I couldn't ask for better service or treatment.

Jake Buckingham, 12/01/2018

I have been entirely happy with the treatment I have received including the operation and post operative check ups. A first class service

John House, 12/03/2018

I have had surgery on both my shoulders in the last 18 months. From the initial consultation, through surgery to post op treatment I have been impressed with the service. Very happy with my treatment and I would thoroughly recommend the team and hospital.

Michael Wise, 12/10/2017

Gavin was very thorough in investigating my shoulder injury. The treatment has healed my shoulder first time. He answered all questions I had about rehabilitation and let me know what I should and shouldn't be doing after recovery

Daniel Kelly, 12/11/2019

Excellent. Very efficient and professional

SH, 13/04/2018

Both appointments have been very useful in my shoulder recovery with Gavin being informative and professional. I hope I don't need to see him again, but would be more than happy if I need to.

Daniel Carr, 13/09/2019

After a frustrating and painful few months, I decided to seek professional help with my shoulder. So glad I did! Professional help and steroid injections later and I am almost back to complete normality. Wish I'd seeked help earlier.

Liz Gaule, 13/10/2017

I found Gavin to be professional, warm and friendly throughout the process of treating my frozen shoulder. His prompt diagnosis and treatment has enabled me to be pain free and resume normal activities.

L.F., 13/10/2017

I have been really pleased with the level of care I have received under Mr. Jennings. The various treatments and scans to assess my shoulder condition were conducted in a timely manner and at times to suit me. The level of service has enabled me to recover much quicker than anticipated from an injury I've previously struggled with over the past eight months

Haydn Brockhurst, 13/11/2017

The treatment I have received from Mr. Jennings has been excellent. He explained everything prior and after the operation in layman's terms. The operation went well and my shoulder has recovered quickly

Gerogina Bennett, 13/11/2017

The continuity of treatment has been excellent. Clear explanation of procedures and step by step guidance for rehabilitation. These factors promoted great confidence in treatment received. Thank you Mr. Jennings

Andrew Sugg, 15/09/2017

Overall experience is very positive. The operation was carried out very successfully leading to minimum recovery time. 3 months post operation, I am almost back to normal pre-injury

Matt Balmforth, 15/12/2017

Very pleased with the outcome and a very caring man.

Nancy Cox, 16/02/2018

Every aspect of my care has been exceptional. The positive outcome of my surgery has been a sea change for the quality of my life. I could not ask for more.

Simon Hill, 16/04/2018

Mr. Jennings has been nothing but excellent throughout the course of my shoulder injury. Very efficient and organised, made it easier for me to get on with my rehab. Thankyou!

George Maylam, 18/05/2018

A very good surgeon who has helped me immensely with my shoulder problem. Had it not been for Gavin, I would not be able to work.

Neil Patterson, 18/05/2018

This is the second time I have seen Gavin. He is very respectful and understanding. He takes a real interest in your condition and explains your treatment clearly. I would recommend him to anyone with shoulder problems.

Duncan Tyler, 19/07/2019

Excellent service. Procedure thoroughly explained which made me feel at ease. All options discussed- one satisfied customer. Thank you.

Julie York, 19/07/2019

Mr. Jennings could not have been more considerate and thoughtful throughout in guiding me through the surgery and rehab;itation. The surgery seems to have been a complete success and I am now regaining strength. So thank you, it was a real pleasure to be your patient

, 19/07/2019

I was referred to Gavin after a tendon injury that wasn’t healing and subsequently had surgery to address the structural damage to my shoulder. I have received excellent care from Gavin and his team throughout the entire process. I was well informed and reassured at every stage and my choices were clearly presented to me. The care I have received after surgery has been way beyond my expectations, Gavin and my physio, Darren James, have worked seamlessly to ensure that my recovery has been managed. They have ensured that I have received the right treatment as soon as I needed it and helped me to stay positive when the path wasn’t smooth. 4 months after surgery I am back cycling and running, and about to start swimming again. I am sure that this would not be the case without the level of expertise and integrated care that I have received. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Gavin and his team to anybody experiencing shoulder problems – you will be in great hands.

Jayne Lewis, 19/10/17

Gavin was very warm and friendly. we were able to have a very informative discussion about my condition and the treatment options.

David Boxall, 2/10/17

First class in every respect!

Raymond Vincent, 2/10/2017

Very pleased with the treatment and aftercare I have received from all. Big thank you to Mr. Jennings for all he has done

Chris Stafford, 20/05/2019

Efficient and friendly. Many thanks!

PH, 20/05/2019

Great experience! Dr. Jennings is informative and understanding and made the whole process go smoothly.

AL, 20/05/2019

First class service and care. Gavin is more than happy to spend time answering all my questions and the surgical outcome has been very good so far.

Trot Scott, 20/11/2017

Gavin and the team have been a huge help, fixing my shoulder and providing great support during the recovery. I would highly recommend Gavin Jennings as a specialist shoulder surgeon and Circle Bath as an institution, it was well worth it.

, 23/03/2018

Fantastic treatment! I am really pleased I had the surgery on my shoulder as I felt trapped with the lack of movement in my shoulder and six weeks later I feel free again! Thank you Mr. Jennings

Angela Cussell, 23/04/2018

Mr. Jennings was very thorough giving options available. Admittance for my operation went very smoothly and efficiently and the aftercare was very good.

J.B., 23/10/2017

Very pleased with my experience. My problem seems to have been resolved immediately. Mr. Jennings has a very reassuring friendly manner which put me at ease. I felt confident in his care

HT, 24/05/2019

From consultation to X-ray to diagnosis, then discussion of procedure, etc, Mr. Jennings was very professional informative and clear. Surgicalprocedure was was marvellous; absolutely no complaints. Recovery is very, very good. A huge success.

Joyce Whitelook, 24/06/2019

I am very pleased with the treatment and care that I have received.

Martin Noke, 26/04/2019

I had been in pain in my shoulder for 18 months and was very dispirited. On recommendation, I made an appointment to see Mr. Jennings. He was very thorough on my first visit and proceeded to give me two injections into my shoulder. Immediately my symptoms improved and my shoulder has remained very good. Being diabetic and very active and 68 years old, Mr. Jennings' expertise has been invaluable.

Martin Gillings, 27/10/2017

Always professional and excellent quality of care particularly during my operation

Dr. Keith Strickland, 27/10/2017

Great staff. First class care and service. Highly recommended

David Cockram, 27/11/2017

I have found the treatment I received from Gavin Jennings to be highly professional and supportive throughout my recoveryHe is understanding, explains matters in simple terms and is keen to ensure patients receive guidance to return to good health as quickly as possible

Barrie Weaver, 29/01/2018

Mr Gavin Jennings and his team repaired my rotator cuff and biceps tendon on 1st April '19. The repair has been successful! I have been looked after extremely well by the surgical and hospital teams. I would recommend both Mr Jennings and his team.

Robert Phayre, 29/07/2019

Fantastic service. Finally starting to feel some improvement in my shoulder pain after many years of previous input from another provider. Very quick diagnosis, nice facilities, all round good service.

Kate Hahn, 29/09/2017

Mr. Jennings was very pleasant and helpful. should I have any problems again in the future, then I would certainly like to see him again.

Debra Ford, 29/09/2017

Very approachable and great service from start to finish

Jack Mackay, 31/05/2019

Mr. Jennings has done an outstanding job in treating my frozen shoulder! The surgery was completely successful and I am deeply grateful for this kind, caring man

Patricia Wilson, 5/11/2018

Following my treatment my frozen shoulder greatly improved. I am now able to resume all my usual sporting activities. Mr. Jennings was always very professional and took the time to identify the best course of treatment. I would certainly recommend to others experiencing shoulder issues.

Emily Peeroo, 6/10/2017

An excellent experience. Would certainly recommend Mr. Jennings

Joy Harrison, 6/11/2017

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