Dr Malcolm Craige Thornton

Consultant Anaethetist

Malcolm is one of the partners in Bath Anaesthetic Group and has been a substantive consultant anaesthetist at the Royal United Hospital for over a decade. He works in the independent sector at Sulis Hospital and BMI Bath Clinic.

Malcolm has over eighteen years of experience teaching and using medical ultrasound, initially for vascular access and for the past 10 years for regional anaesthesia.

Malcolm's particular interest is regional anaesthesia for upper limb surgery. Along with his partners in Bath Anaesthetic Group, he is able to consistently provide high quality nerve blocks using ultrasound guidance to facilitate upper limb surgery. Depending on individual patient requirements and preference, Malcolm can perform upper limb nerve block to allow surgery in awake or minimally sedated patients. Where appropriate, he performs upper limb blocks to improve post-operative pain control in patients who would prefer a general anaesthetic.

Malcolm continually strives to provide a professional service and to meet, hopefully to exceed, patient expectation wherever possible.

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